Nr Titel Auteur Beschrijving Categorie
SCH-11318 Dick Tracy The Thirties: Tommyguns and Hard Times GOULD Chester

For the first time in 45 years, the Great Depression-era adventures of America's first popular detective and super-hero battling the forces of crime and evil in 15 stories reprinted from the early thirties. 

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SCH-11317 The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning PALMIOTTI Jimmy e.a.

Deep within the remote hills of the New Mexico desert, a group of townspeople thought wiped out by the United States government when it began above-ground atomic testing has returned to the now-irradiated land they still claim as their home. Within the eye of this nuclear storm good people will go bad, battle lines will be drawn, and a new family of mutated monstrosities must protect their own at all costs in a mind-boggling orgy of blood and vengeance.

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SCH-11315 Odd Is on Our Side KOONTZ Dean

When things get scary, it’s nice to know that Odd is on our side.

It’s Halloween in Pico Mundo, California, and there’s a whiff of something wicked in the autumn air. While the town prepares for its annual festivities, young fry cook Odd Thomas can’t shake the feeling that make-believe goblins and ghouls aren’t the only things on the prowl. And he should know, since he can see what others cannot: the spirits of the restless dead. But even his frequent visitor, the specter of Elvis Presley, can’t seem to point Odd in the right direction.

With the help of his gun-toting girlfriend, Stormy, Odd is out to uncover the terrible truth. Is something sinister afoot in the remote barn guarded by devilish masked men? Has All Hallows Eve mischief taken a malevolent turn? Or is the pleading ghost of a trick-or-treater a frightening omen of doom?

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SCH-11316 Hades: Lord of the Dead O'CONNOR George

Nothing ever changes in the land of the dead. 

Deep in this hidden Kingdom beneath the earth, countless spirits await the end of time. Hades, the lord of this dire realm, Waits with them... until one day, the Lord of the Dead takes a wife. Or tries to, anyway. 

And then all Hades breaks loose.

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SCH-11314 Dark Reign: Hawkeye DIGGLE Andy

Bullseye cuts loose! Reporter Ben Urich investigates a brutal massacre that has all the hallmarks of the notorious assassin Bullseye. But can Urich connect the murders to the Dark Avenger known as Hawkeye? Norman Osborn must bring H.A.M.M.E.R. down to hide the awful truth before it tears the team apart - and poisons the Avengers' noble legacy forever!

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SCH-11281 Excalibur LEE Tony

Ruled by the murderous King Ulric for too long, its people are desperate for justice. Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon, is their last hope. Now come of age, Arthur can fulfil a longstanding prophecy. And by freeing the enchanted Caliburn from its sheath on Stone Hill, finally the land will have its true king. But Arthur's future is uncertain. Not only does his half-sister Morgana have a vengeful score to settle; those whom he trusts most are also destined to betray him.

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SCH-11273 Wall E TORRES J. & LUTHI Morgan

An all-original, brand new story that takes place before the hit film! Wall E finds himself further and further isolated as more and more of his fellow robot companions shut down. To cope with his loneliness, Wall E begins to collect the last few remnants of human civilization. But all is not lost as Wall E finds a new friend in the most unlikely of places ... and no, it's not EVE! 

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SCH-11272 A Tale of Two cities FELMANG Romano & MORLEY JACQUELINE

In the years leading up to the French Revolution, Paris is in the grip of terror. The aristocrats have bullied the people for centuries, and now the people are fighting back with a brutal vengeance that punishes the guilty and the innocent alike. Three French exiles have taken refuge in London - but can they and their English friends avoid being drawn into the disastrous events in France? 

Charles Dickens' epic story of love and sacrifice is vividly and faithfully retold in graphic novel format. 

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SCH-11271 Gulliver's Travels GELEV Penko & MALAM John

When Lemuel Gulliver is washed up on the distant shore of Lilliput, he becomes a giant among men. As his travels continue, Gulliver is dwarfed by the people of Brobdingnag and bewildered by the customs of the Laputians. Will Gulliver find the humanity he seeks in the Land of the Talking Horses? 

Jonathan Swift's timeless story is vividly and faithfully retold in graphic novel format. 

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SCH-11270 Wuthering Heights SPENDER Nick & PIPE Jim

On the wild and windswept Yorkshire moors, the surly Heathcliff makes a life of misery for his young relatives who share the cold, unwelcoming house known as Wuthering Heights with him. Who is the young woman whose ghost seems to haunt the place? What happened in the past that has made Heathcliff so bitter and resentful?

Emily Brontë's tragic story of love and betrayal is vividly and faithfully retold here in graphic novel format. 

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SCH-11269 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea SIDONG Li & MORLEY Jacqueline

News reports tell of a gigantic monster roaming the high seas at incredible speed. Professor Aronnax is brought in to investigate - and finds himself imprisoned under the sea! Who is the mysterious Captain Nemo who has sworn never to set foot on land? Will Aronnax and his friends ever escape from their amazing journey beneath the waves? 

This new graphic novel version brings Jules Verne's classic adventure story vividly to life. 

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SCH-11268 The Three Musketeers GELEV Penko & PIPE Jim

Join D'Artagnan, the most famous of all swashbuckling heroes, in his very first adventure with the King's Musketeers. 

Alexandre Dumas' thrilling adventure story is vividly and faithfully retold in graphic novel format. 

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SCH-11267 Waltz with Bashir FOLMAN Ari & Polonsky David

One night in Beirut in September 1982, while Israeli soldiers secured the area, Christian militia members entered the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila and began to massacre hundreds, if not thousands, of Palestinians. Ari Folman was one of those Israeli soldiers, but for more than twenty years he remembered nothing of that night or of the weeks leading to it. Then came a friend's disturbing dream, and with it Foman's need to excavate the truth of the war in Lebanon and answer the crucial question: what was he doing during the hours of slaughter? 

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SCH-11266 Marvels BUSIEK Kurt & ROSS Alex

Welcome to New York. Here, burning figures roam the streets, men in brightly colored costumes scale the glass and concrete walls, and creatures from space threaten to devour our world. This is the Marvel Universe, where the ordinary and fantastic interact daily. 

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SCH-11265 Thor LANGRIDGE Roger e.a.

Banished from his home, stripped of his power, Thor arrives on this world with a chip on his shoulder and ready for a fight! Fortunately, the villainous Mr. Hyde awaits! 

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